Product Design, semester 3 Minerva
Assignment: Take apart a device with moving part.                    Create a product based on one of the moving elements.
I choose to work with a small digital camera. This camera had moving parts like the lens, buttons and turning buttons. Dissembling the object was fun! Not knowing what would happen when you unscrew a screw was exiting. 
I was intrigued by the camera lens. The turning motion of the lens was very interesting to me. By turning the outer ring of the lens, the rest of lens parts get pushed out of its shell. Turning and getting bigger, I chose to continue with these motions.
At first, I tried to recreate the lens in Cinema4D. Drawing the mechanical system of the lens is hard. So, I simulated the motions instead of working mechanics. It was nice to see the lens isolated. This way it was easier to visualize possibilities. I thought of creating a VR-installation. By duplicating the moving lens, a kind of landscape came to life. 
It was intriguing but not satisfying. I decided to park the idea of the lensscape and try new things with lenses.
I discovered that the motion of turning and growing bigger can be translated into a muizentrapje. In kindergarten, these muizentrapjes get used a lot. Like, when making a puppet, as legs and arms. 
It’s very easy and quick to make. With two strips of paper folding it over and over each other. 
By analyzing these muizentrapjes I saw that it can’t get bigger without turning it, just like the camera lens.
Back to the start of muizentrapjes. Looking very closely to the bend of the paper, I saw a way to make muizentrapjes from any kind of material. With a lot of trial and error I managed to let it work.
The final product
From 13 wooden frames of 20x20 cm I designed a muizentrap with light. With hinges the bends are made. Transparent rope prevents the individual squares to bend too far. With the pull up system, the amount of light can be regulated.
Do you have ideas, suggestions or want to see more of this design?   Please contact me, I would be happy to talk to you!​​​​​​​

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