Hinge to Light

Product Design, semester 4 Minerva
Assignment: collect and research existing collapsibles, items which transform to an other form. Based on a collapsible principle create/design a new functional product.
I choose to work with a cylinder hinge, a small hinge that is invisible when used in a closed product. To really understand how the hinge works, I took one apart and copied it. With a digital model I was able to print the hinge larger with the 3D printer. The model made clear how the mechanism works.

Below the result of the 3D-printer
At first, I was stuck with the form of the hinge. I was looking for new ways to use the hinge. For example, I could put a spotlight in one of the ends or in between the cylinders (see sketches below). Or it could have become a funky phone. 
I realised I shouldn’t be focusing on the form of the hinge but on how I could use the moving mechanics in a new product. 
I made a sketch model (picture below) in which is visible how the arms in hinge move along each other. This model spoke to my imagination and immediately gave my ideas for a new design. 
The new product will become a light-object, I decided. With more sketch models I figured out how the moving part in the design should work. 
With Fusion 360 I made a digital models for parts in the light-object. 
In the render on the right you see parts of the head of the lamp/light object. With the 3d printer I printed all the parts and assembled the object. 
The model above is the last one I made for now. It is a big step towards the final design. All the movements and mechanics work as they should do. But personally, I’m not satisfied yet. For example, I think the proportions are not on point in this model so that’s something to develop more.
The product isn't finished yet. It is an on going project and will be continued.
Do you have ideas, suggestions or want to see more of this design?   Please contact me, I would be happy to talk to you!​​​​​​​

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